Phase One Improvements

Thank you to all of our supporters!

We are done with our initial phase of improvements.

The improvements include the new Mat surface, repainting the majority of the walls, new bench seats, and general cleanup.

Thank you to the following individuals for your support. (in no particular order)

Daniella Wells, Kathryn Hokama, Daniel Bellaire, Bradley Rosintoski, David ‘Shaolin’ Tung, Matt ‘Rollover’ Wong, Will Welch, Russ Zaliznyak, Peter Royal, Derick ‘brother’ Adriano, Brandon ‘Twin’ Adriano, Eric Massey, Eric ‘Crucifix’ Billingsley, Rocky (Kelly Lopez) Gomez, Sean Kane, Junior ‘batida’ Lopez, Craig ’Psycho’ Bednash, Joe Cowan, Evonne Kaminaga, Brandon Cheung, Sandro ‘Batata’ Santiago, Albert & ReBekah Gonzalez, Johnny Rodriquez, Kyle Thorp, John Burns, Ricardo Olmega, Jordan Rivera, Leon ‘Clinch’ Pham, James Stutz (Sherri Fujieda), Jose Miguel Lopez